Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike check

How to check your bike.
Is your bike really that safe? Read all six paragraphs to find out if your bike is safe or not. The first paragraph is what you are reading now. The second paragraph is the ID number and the frame check. The next paragraph is the seat hand grips and handlebar check. The next paragraph is the brake and wheel check . The fifth paragraph is the pedal chain and reflection check than the conclusion.

First, pull the bike upside down and look right at the bottom beside the pedal and you will see an ID code it will be mainly letters and numbers. It will be something like 2 p 4 1 6  3 8 If it is carved in to it than you are lucky.The use of them is if your bike has one and someone steals it you can tell it is yours. Next check the frame by looking for rust and cracks starting to form in the medal.If it has a crack than you are just out of luck.

Now make sure the seat it tight and it can not spin at all. Make sure the seat sits at a height that is comfortable for you then tighten it to that it can not move in any direction. check that the handlebars are tight so they can not move up and down. Now time for the hand grips make sure that they are really tight so that they can't come off. If they do not have the caps on the side of them buy some more and clip them on make sure they are in so they won't fall off.

Now get a friend to hold the bike so the front wheel is not on the ground. Give the wheel a push so it spins make sure that it spins freely then pull the brakes and make sure that the wheel stops quick. Then repeat with the back wheel if the wheels do not spin freely than take it to a place that you can fix the brakes so it does not hit the wheel when you are not trying to stop you should have a helmet if that happens when you are riding than you can be prepared.

Another easy step is to check that you have white reflector on the front and red reflectors on the back. If you have no reflectors than you need to buy some red ones and a white one. Check your pedals by making sure they are not loose but they still spin freely. Now for the chain make sure that it does not hang loose so it can not fall off. If it is loose get a parent to tighten it so it doesn't hang.

Now with a safe bike you can have fun all day. Once you have done this you should be positive that your bike is safe and ready to ride. Do it every two months and feel the difference of your bikes safety.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Flying balls expeirement

Can you really make a ball fly with no strings?
Read this and do it by yourself to find out. Room 17 did an experiment to find out if you can balance a ping pong ball on a hair dryer. I do not think it will balance what do you think will happen.

Lets get the equipment get a hair dryer and a ping pong ball to see if it works get the hair dryer and turn it on so that the air is going up  put the ping pong ball on top of it and see if it works
If you did it you will see that it works because the wind is going around the ball creating a wall of wind circling around it so it can not escape the ball is also being blown up wile being pulled down by gravity so it stays at a certain height above the hair dryer.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool science

Can you blow up a balloon by putting a bottle in hot water? Read all four paragraphs to find out how to do an experiment with things that you can find just lying around your home. The first paragraph is what you are reading now  the second paragraph is about what you will need to do the experiment the third paragraph is how to do the experiment the paragraph is about observing and the last paragraph is about observing and it also contains the answer.

First you will need two large plastic bottles,two balloons,two buckets or anything that will hold a lot of water.hot water,cold water and something like tongs to hold the plastic bottle under the boiling water. You will definitely need and outside space so you can’t get the floor wet your mum and dad won’t like that at all.

Ok time to do the experiment go outside with all your gear and but the two buckets on the ground fill one with hot water and one with cold water. Take a balloon and a plastic bottle get the cap of the bottle and put the balloon over the top of the bottle so the balloon is over the lip of the bottle. Repeat with the other bottle then hold one of the bottles under the cold water so that it is completely immersed which means completely under water what happens? Now take the other bottle and put it in the hot water so that it is fully underwater make sure you hold it under water with the tongs so you don't get burnt. What happened did it make a difference?
What happens?
The bottle in cold water stays the same in other words a state of inertia and the bottle in hot water blows up the balloon so you can easily blow up a balloon without blowing.
How does it work? The air in the bottle gets heated because the heat of the water goes into the bottle. The hot air tries to float up as the hot air stretches and the only place it can go is in the balloon so it goes in and blows it up then when you put the blown up balloon in cold water the air gets cold then the amount of air gets smaller as the air stops floating and sinks into the bottom of the bottle. Here is a diagram of how it works the arrows are the air.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Giant Drop

Looks like One piece full sunny day I went through the gates as mum and dad payed for the wrist bands that give us access to the rides. The first thing I spotted was a giant tower with two pieces of track on it one on each side.After that I saw a yellow triangle shaped thing climb up one of the tracks it stopped at the top and dangled the riders in midair for ten seconds. Suddenly it dropped the riders screamed like it was the end of the world then it stopped just before it hit the ground then it slowly lowered itself a bit more than stopped for the last time. Sounds like CLICK CLICK CLICK BANG! I get pulled up in a seat with my dad sitting beside me when Suddenly click the climbing stopped Finally ten seconds of silence started. It dropped about 1 meter really slow “oh how fun is this” I exaggerated. Screaming bursts into my ear as I get pulled to the ground at full speed. BASH! the drop stops a loud buzzing noise found a way into my ears as the seats lowered a bit more than came to a final stop on the ground. Feels like I get lifted up and it feels like I am in an elevator my nerves started to take over it starts to shake a little bit then it stops lifting me then the shaking stops. I can't feel anything except for the nervous feeling in my stomach. It starts to shake again then the seats lower slowly making me even more nervous. Then I get pulled down it feels like someone is pushing down on my shoulders when the magnet catches it at the bottom every section of my body feels normal and the stress is all over.

How does the egg drop work?

How does the egg drop work? The egg drop works because the edge of the plate pulls the cardboard roll away from the egg and it stays in that spot for a microsecond then the gravity pulls it into the cup of water.and you can make it better by putting food coloring in the water.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sailing with the Queen of london

One day I was out sailing with the Queen of London in Pakistan. Suddenly she took the tiller off me and tried to steer me to Niagara Falls! “If you don't let me kill you then my guards will kill you with no regrets,” she squealed. “FINE," I said smugly! Then BANG! before I could blink she whacked me with her bag and I was knocked out. I was unconscious. She must keep bowling balls in her bag. When I woke up she was holding her two dogs in one hand and controlling the tiller with the other. I stood up trying to kick her dogs off the boat. She then threw me off the starboard side and I tried to get back onto the boat. The current was too strong and it threw me down the waterfall. “What a catastrophe” I thought “I hate that rude lady”. Two days later I was lying in a hospital bed when a policeman came in and asked me how this happened. I told him what happened and the he said, “what? she did that to you too? Don't worry I’ll arrest her. "That rude lawbreaker!"

Monday, September 09, 2013


Soccer 3.have you won very many tournaments?-Poppy 5.Have you won any medals. Milly 2.Do you get bored of soccer? -Sam 4.If you could be in any national league team what would it be Jaidyn 1.Do you know what grade you are? maddy I am a 9th grade soccer player. I have played soccer for 3 years of my lifetime. I have played two sports in my life but when I had a year on playing hockey but I just went crawling back to soccer. I first got inspired when I watched my dad play soccer one month before my 5th birthday. I told my mum that I wanted to become a soccer player like my dad. On my 5th birthday I got my first pair of blue and white soccer boots. My second pair of boots were red and it was like they were a good luck charm with all the games I won. The pair of boots I use now are black and a shade of yellow. Back in 2011 I stopped playing soccer and had a year on hockey and that was the only time that I have ever gotten bored of soccer. At the end of 2011 I found out that I was made to play soccer not hockey. I have won about two tournaments but I still keep trying. If I could be in any national league team then I would be in the small whites. One thing that lets me down a bit none of the teams that I have played in have won any medals so I haven't won any medals yet. 2013 was a good year of soccer for me and I hope 2014 is good too.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My maths results

This pie graph shows you my maths results of five maths tests. I don't like this graph and it is not the best way to show my results but I will use a different graph later hopefully it turns out better than this graph.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Holiday

“YAY” I exaggerate as I look at the calendar “Why does it need to be friday” I ask myself. I walked into the lounge and my mum is sitting on the couch watching people blowing up a  truck on mythbusters I ask mum if we need to do the deliveries with her “Sorry if nana is at her house then you can stay at her home for the day” mum answers “I’ll get your cellphone” I tell mum mum texts nana then straight away nana texts back to mum. She puts down her phone and says “sorry nana is working” “Ok” I replied. “Go play on your playstation and have some fun” mum commands. I start to walk down the hallway “This is going to be a long day I might as well make a good start to the horrible day” I tell myself. I walk out of my room and tell my sister that it is friday and we need to do deliveries with mum. “I hate friday” my sister whines “I know but we need to” I tell her. “LETS GO!” mum screeches from the lounge as I think “this is going to be a extremely long day”.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Nana

My Nana

My Nana is awesome and I love visiting her house and she will often do everything for me.She has wavy black and white marbled hair,hazel eyes and always wears a scarf of some sort. Although she always wears a scarf she does not always wear the same scarf. With an old marbled shirt marbled hair and not a lot of wrinkles she is pretty old for her looks. With the age of 53 years old she looks a bit like she is 45 years old.

My Nana would do anything she can to see my soccer or even dads soccer sometimes.
She bends over backwards for me. Nana is a Ukulele playing queen.

She is as nice as an angel and she is always looking out for me. She is real nice towards other people and she cares for others no matter who it is. When Poppa gets home from
work Nana always welcomes Poppa home and offers him a coffee or tea. My sister Is scared of her because of the amount of times that Nana has told her off. Although she  sometimes yells I know that she still loves me.

My Nana has an old record player and DVD that she has kept for over 9 years. As you walk through the door into her house a four year old bulldog comes darting through
the hallway and jumps right up at your face. Charlie is his name he is a well cleaned dog with a flat nose and whenever he is asleep he snores at full volume. With an old
fashion record player,a DVD player and a bulldog running around the house it is a real fancy house. My Nana treasures her old dogs ashes and real old glasses and marbles. I love my Nana the way she is and I don't want her to change. My Nana is real enthusiastic and she is always looking out for me she is the best Nana on earth she is always the one that cheers me up.

Friday, July 05, 2013

My Landscape Painting

My Art.
A couple weeks ago my class started a landscape painting Mrs Morton was teaching us how to use good painting techniques.

I started by using the green and putting lots of water on our brush.
Next I painted all the hills green using smooth and even. I went over the top mountain using black dry brush and over the small mountain at the side. I left the biggest mountain alone and started a thin outline at the bottom of the mountains. I started the water a grayish color but came out a bit too grey. I am supposed to finish the water and hatch a rock at the side. Hatching is making a tone out of lines all the same way and it makes it looks like tone.
This is what I have so far.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Lake Waikareiti

Lake Waikareiti
I liked rowing at lake Waikareiti I went there with my class on tuesday June the 28th.
I felt like I was going to die my legs were practically dead but I had much more to do and I needed to row after then it came the bathroom I needed to go I was desperate then mum came up beside me and said “hey Heith how are you” “bad” I replied “why’’ mum said “what's the matter” I looked at mum and said “I need to go I’m urgent I feel like If I hold on much longer I will blow up” mum came up with an idea she said “why don’t you go behind a tree” “no what if other people see and I will be embarrassed if they do and we are not allowed off of the track  and if there is a tree in the middle of the path I am not going behind it because its in the middle so I will be seen by someone” mum said “look a long drop” and when I came out we walked for 2 more minutes then we were there yay! I shrieked It was a whole new experience and it was very fun that was something I definitely will never forget.

Lake Waikareiti is located in Urewera national park in the North Island of New Zealand This lake is full of crystal clear water and the current is not very strong and a soft current means easier to row boats like canoes,kayaks and rowboats.

Lake Waikareiti is full of trout which means that it is a perfect place for fishing it is clear and that deep it is almost like a mini version of the sea.

Lake Waikareiti is 880 meters above sea level that means that lake Waikareiti is on top of a hill it is a 1 hour walk through a forest to get there and because lake Waikareiti is on a hill it is an uphill walk.

Lake Waikareiti has 6 islands the names of the islands are Rahui Island, Motutorutoru Island,Te Oneatahu Island,Te Arakoau Island,Te Kahaatuwai Island and Motungarara Island.

Lake Waikareiti is a perfect lake and never noisy at all.I really loved lake Waikareiti and a new experience means more fun you have put into your life and I don’t think it will ever get boring.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

my pets

This is a video on you tube called my pets the remix and better version.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

tramping info

Tramping info
This paragraph has information rules and what you need to have your home away from home.
You will need to bring certain things in your bag and in order to sleeping bags and tents will go in the bottom of the bag food in the middle of the bag and rain coats and jackets .the top of the bag bring food water first aid kit clothes compass if you have one sleeping bags and sometimes bring a survival kit make sure that you put the gear in seal-able plastic bags before you put them in your normal bag.

North South East and West
It is real important to know North South East and West.Look at the sun if it is fully risen that means that the sun is at north the sun sets at West and rises in the East or just use a compass that would be easier.

First tell someone your plan know your limit and be prepared for the weather and use star.Star means to stop think assess and respond this can be used for if you get lost in the forest.

You will need to train to get fit and wear shoes that you have broken into your shoes and wear socks that are not ankle socks or you will get blisters.

That was my report on how to survive in the bush hope you enjoyed it.
By Heith.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Charlie the dog

Charlie the dog
I was chewing a piece of toast at nana’s house.
Suddenly  Charlie came darting through the house chasing after Holley
She ran to nana and said “ Charlie is chasing me”
Charlie runs in the kitchen at full speed then nana yells “Stop Charlie!”
Charlie stops straight away.  He sits down
Holley starts to laugh and I start to play with Charlie.

This poem was modeled on Katherine Mansfield's poem Butterfly Laughter.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

cave weta

Cave Weta

Cave Weta are insects.There are at least 60 species of them.

Cave Weta are endangered and very rare but very easy to find at camp when you highk in the caves.

You can tell that they are females because of the spike at the back of its body that they use to lay eggs.Birds and rats are their predators.They  lay eggs  in groups of 20 they take 6 months to hatch.

Cave Weta are an omnivore.That means that they eat most things like insect’s,plant’s,biscuit's and even things like cardboard and paper.

Cave Weta have two long feelers.The back leg is at least 5 inches long and the back of the legs have spikes the other legs are 4 inches long, don't have spikes and are skinnier then the back legs.If they have two spikes on the rear end they are a mail if it has one spike it is a mail.The color of a cave weta is brown black and a color close to orange.Their feet are like tiny little black sticks.

Cave Wetas habitat are caves the caves are often filled with them walking on the sides of the cave.They are in very dark places like in logs and sometimes underground caves.

Cave Weta don’t communicate with sound they instead they communicate by movement in their back legs such as rubbing their back legs repeatedly.

These interesting bugs are nearly extinct so if you find one do not scare it or take it home.We need to look after them and do everything we can do to help them survive.I think they are awesome so you should adore them as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bad Charlie

BARK! my dog Charlie snarls with excitement as I hooked his
leash to his collar.I start to walk him down the hill then he starts to tug on the leash he I spot a bunny Charlie pulls me over and drags me on the hard ground.
l let go of the leash and charlie darts across the paddock chasing after the bunny.Then the bunny runs into a hole under a blackberry bush then charlie loses sight of the bunny.
I grab his leash and tie him to a tree. I tell mum that if a bulldog can't catch it it should
be very fast mum said “True Heith true’’.