Friday, June 07, 2013

Lake Waikareiti

Lake Waikareiti
I liked rowing at lake Waikareiti I went there with my class on tuesday June the 28th.
I felt like I was going to die my legs were practically dead but I had much more to do and I needed to row after then it came the bathroom I needed to go I was desperate then mum came up beside me and said “hey Heith how are you” “bad” I replied “why’’ mum said “what's the matter” I looked at mum and said “I need to go I’m urgent I feel like If I hold on much longer I will blow up” mum came up with an idea she said “why don’t you go behind a tree” “no what if other people see and I will be embarrassed if they do and we are not allowed off of the track  and if there is a tree in the middle of the path I am not going behind it because its in the middle so I will be seen by someone” mum said “look a long drop” and when I came out we walked for 2 more minutes then we were there yay! I shrieked It was a whole new experience and it was very fun that was something I definitely will never forget.

Lake Waikareiti is located in Urewera national park in the North Island of New Zealand This lake is full of crystal clear water and the current is not very strong and a soft current means easier to row boats like canoes,kayaks and rowboats.

Lake Waikareiti is full of trout which means that it is a perfect place for fishing it is clear and that deep it is almost like a mini version of the sea.

Lake Waikareiti is 880 meters above sea level that means that lake Waikareiti is on top of a hill it is a 1 hour walk through a forest to get there and because lake Waikareiti is on a hill it is an uphill walk.

Lake Waikareiti has 6 islands the names of the islands are Rahui Island, Motutorutoru Island,Te Oneatahu Island,Te Arakoau Island,Te Kahaatuwai Island and Motungarara Island.

Lake Waikareiti is a perfect lake and never noisy at all.I really loved lake Waikareiti and a new experience means more fun you have put into your life and I don’t think it will ever get boring.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

my pets

This is a video on you tube called my pets the remix and better version.