Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike check

How to check your bike.
Is your bike really that safe? Read all six paragraphs to find out if your bike is safe or not. The first paragraph is what you are reading now. The second paragraph is the ID number and the frame check. The next paragraph is the seat hand grips and handlebar check. The next paragraph is the brake and wheel check . The fifth paragraph is the pedal chain and reflection check than the conclusion.

First, pull the bike upside down and look right at the bottom beside the pedal and you will see an ID code it will be mainly letters and numbers. It will be something like 2 p 4 1 6  3 8 If it is carved in to it than you are lucky.The use of them is if your bike has one and someone steals it you can tell it is yours. Next check the frame by looking for rust and cracks starting to form in the medal.If it has a crack than you are just out of luck.

Now make sure the seat it tight and it can not spin at all. Make sure the seat sits at a height that is comfortable for you then tighten it to that it can not move in any direction. check that the handlebars are tight so they can not move up and down. Now time for the hand grips make sure that they are really tight so that they can't come off. If they do not have the caps on the side of them buy some more and clip them on make sure they are in so they won't fall off.

Now get a friend to hold the bike so the front wheel is not on the ground. Give the wheel a push so it spins make sure that it spins freely then pull the brakes and make sure that the wheel stops quick. Then repeat with the back wheel if the wheels do not spin freely than take it to a place that you can fix the brakes so it does not hit the wheel when you are not trying to stop you should have a helmet if that happens when you are riding than you can be prepared.

Another easy step is to check that you have white reflector on the front and red reflectors on the back. If you have no reflectors than you need to buy some red ones and a white one. Check your pedals by making sure they are not loose but they still spin freely. Now for the chain make sure that it does not hang loose so it can not fall off. If it is loose get a parent to tighten it so it doesn't hang.

Now with a safe bike you can have fun all day. Once you have done this you should be positive that your bike is safe and ready to ride. Do it every two months and feel the difference of your bikes safety.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Flying balls expeirement

Can you really make a ball fly with no strings?
Read this and do it by yourself to find out. Room 17 did an experiment to find out if you can balance a ping pong ball on a hair dryer. I do not think it will balance what do you think will happen.

Lets get the equipment get a hair dryer and a ping pong ball to see if it works get the hair dryer and turn it on so that the air is going up  put the ping pong ball on top of it and see if it works
If you did it you will see that it works because the wind is going around the ball creating a wall of wind circling around it so it can not escape the ball is also being blown up wile being pulled down by gravity so it stays at a certain height above the hair dryer.