Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Nana

My Nana

My Nana is awesome and I love visiting her house and she will often do everything for me.She has wavy black and white marbled hair,hazel eyes and always wears a scarf of some sort. Although she always wears a scarf she does not always wear the same scarf. With an old marbled shirt marbled hair and not a lot of wrinkles she is pretty old for her looks. With the age of 53 years old she looks a bit like she is 45 years old.

My Nana would do anything she can to see my soccer or even dads soccer sometimes.
She bends over backwards for me. Nana is a Ukulele playing queen.

She is as nice as an angel and she is always looking out for me. She is real nice towards other people and she cares for others no matter who it is. When Poppa gets home from
work Nana always welcomes Poppa home and offers him a coffee or tea. My sister Is scared of her because of the amount of times that Nana has told her off. Although she  sometimes yells I know that she still loves me.

My Nana has an old record player and DVD that she has kept for over 9 years. As you walk through the door into her house a four year old bulldog comes darting through
the hallway and jumps right up at your face. Charlie is his name he is a well cleaned dog with a flat nose and whenever he is asleep he snores at full volume. With an old
fashion record player,a DVD player and a bulldog running around the house it is a real fancy house. My Nana treasures her old dogs ashes and real old glasses and marbles. I love my Nana the way she is and I don't want her to change. My Nana is real enthusiastic and she is always looking out for me she is the best Nana on earth she is always the one that cheers me up.

Friday, July 05, 2013

My Landscape Painting

My Art.
A couple weeks ago my class started a landscape painting Mrs Morton was teaching us how to use good painting techniques.

I started by using the green and putting lots of water on our brush.
Next I painted all the hills green using smooth and even. I went over the top mountain using black dry brush and over the small mountain at the side. I left the biggest mountain alone and started a thin outline at the bottom of the mountains. I started the water a grayish color but came out a bit too grey. I am supposed to finish the water and hatch a rock at the side. Hatching is making a tone out of lines all the same way and it makes it looks like tone.
This is what I have so far.