Monday, August 26, 2013

My maths results

This pie graph shows you my maths results of five maths tests. I don't like this graph and it is not the best way to show my results but I will use a different graph later hopefully it turns out better than this graph.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Holiday

“YAY” I exaggerate as I look at the calendar “Why does it need to be friday” I ask myself. I walked into the lounge and my mum is sitting on the couch watching people blowing up a  truck on mythbusters I ask mum if we need to do the deliveries with her “Sorry if nana is at her house then you can stay at her home for the day” mum answers “I’ll get your cellphone” I tell mum mum texts nana then straight away nana texts back to mum. She puts down her phone and says “sorry nana is working” “Ok” I replied. “Go play on your playstation and have some fun” mum commands. I start to walk down the hallway “This is going to be a long day I might as well make a good start to the horrible day” I tell myself. I walk out of my room and tell my sister that it is friday and we need to do deliveries with mum. “I hate friday” my sister whines “I know but we need to” I tell her. “LETS GO!” mum screeches from the lounge as I think “this is going to be a extremely long day”.