Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool science

Can you blow up a balloon by putting a bottle in hot water? Read all four paragraphs to find out how to do an experiment with things that you can find just lying around your home. The first paragraph is what you are reading now  the second paragraph is about what you will need to do the experiment the third paragraph is how to do the experiment the paragraph is about observing and the last paragraph is about observing and it also contains the answer.

First you will need two large plastic bottles,two balloons,two buckets or anything that will hold a lot of water,cold water and something like tongs to hold the plastic bottle under the boiling water. You will definitely need and outside space so you can’t get the floor wet your mum and dad won’t like that at all.

Ok time to do the experiment go outside with all your gear and but the two buckets on the ground fill one with hot water and one with cold water. Take a balloon and a plastic bottle get the cap of the bottle and put the balloon over the top of the bottle so the balloon is over the lip of the bottle. Repeat with the other bottle then hold one of the bottles under the cold water so that it is completely immersed which means completely under water what happens? Now take the other bottle and put it in the hot water so that it is fully underwater make sure you hold it under water with the tongs so you don't get burnt. What happened did it make a difference?
What happens?
The bottle in cold water stays the same in other words a state of inertia and the bottle in hot water blows up the balloon so you can easily blow up a balloon without blowing.
How does it work? The air in the bottle gets heated because the heat of the water goes into the bottle. The hot air tries to float up as the hot air stretches and the only place it can go is in the balloon so it goes in and blows it up then when you put the blown up balloon in cold water the air gets cold then the amount of air gets smaller as the air stops floating and sinks into the bottom of the bottle. Here is a diagram of how it works the arrows are the air.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Giant Drop

Looks like One piece full sunny day I went through the gates as mum and dad payed for the wrist bands that give us access to the rides. The first thing I spotted was a giant tower with two pieces of track on it one on each side.After that I saw a yellow triangle shaped thing climb up one of the tracks it stopped at the top and dangled the riders in midair for ten seconds. Suddenly it dropped the riders screamed like it was the end of the world then it stopped just before it hit the ground then it slowly lowered itself a bit more than stopped for the last time. Sounds like CLICK CLICK CLICK BANG! I get pulled up in a seat with my dad sitting beside me when Suddenly click the climbing stopped Finally ten seconds of silence started. It dropped about 1 meter really slow “oh how fun is this” I exaggerated. Screaming bursts into my ear as I get pulled to the ground at full speed. BASH! the drop stops a loud buzzing noise found a way into my ears as the seats lowered a bit more than came to a final stop on the ground. Feels like I get lifted up and it feels like I am in an elevator my nerves started to take over it starts to shake a little bit then it stops lifting me then the shaking stops. I can't feel anything except for the nervous feeling in my stomach. It starts to shake again then the seats lower slowly making me even more nervous. Then I get pulled down it feels like someone is pushing down on my shoulders when the magnet catches it at the bottom every section of my body feels normal and the stress is all over.

How does the egg drop work?

How does the egg drop work? The egg drop works because the edge of the plate pulls the cardboard roll away from the egg and it stays in that spot for a microsecond then the gravity pulls it into the cup of water.and you can make it better by putting food coloring in the water.