Thursday, March 28, 2013

cave weta

Cave Weta

Cave Weta are insects.There are at least 60 species of them.

Cave Weta are endangered and very rare but very easy to find at camp when you highk in the caves.

You can tell that they are females because of the spike at the back of its body that they use to lay eggs.Birds and rats are their predators.They  lay eggs  in groups of 20 they take 6 months to hatch.

Cave Weta are an omnivore.That means that they eat most things like insect’s,plant’s,biscuit's and even things like cardboard and paper.

Cave Weta have two long feelers.The back leg is at least 5 inches long and the back of the legs have spikes the other legs are 4 inches long, don't have spikes and are skinnier then the back legs.If they have two spikes on the rear end they are a mail if it has one spike it is a mail.The color of a cave weta is brown black and a color close to orange.Their feet are like tiny little black sticks.

Cave Wetas habitat are caves the caves are often filled with them walking on the sides of the cave.They are in very dark places like in logs and sometimes underground caves.

Cave Weta don’t communicate with sound they instead they communicate by movement in their back legs such as rubbing their back legs repeatedly.

These interesting bugs are nearly extinct so if you find one do not scare it or take it home.We need to look after them and do everything we can do to help them survive.I think they are awesome so you should adore them as well.