Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sailing with the Queen of london

One day I was out sailing with the Queen of London in Pakistan. Suddenly she took the tiller off me and tried to steer me to Niagara Falls! “If you don't let me kill you then my guards will kill you with no regrets,” she squealed. “FINE," I said smugly! Then BANG! before I could blink she whacked me with her bag and I was knocked out. I was unconscious. She must keep bowling balls in her bag. When I woke up she was holding her two dogs in one hand and controlling the tiller with the other. I stood up trying to kick her dogs off the boat. She then threw me off the starboard side and I tried to get back onto the boat. The current was too strong and it threw me down the waterfall. “What a catastrophe” I thought “I hate that rude lady”. Two days later I was lying in a hospital bed when a policeman came in and asked me how this happened. I told him what happened and the he said, “what? she did that to you too? Don't worry I’ll arrest her. "That rude lawbreaker!"

Monday, September 09, 2013


Soccer 3.have you won very many tournaments?-Poppy 5.Have you won any medals. Milly 2.Do you get bored of soccer? -Sam 4.If you could be in any national league team what would it be Jaidyn 1.Do you know what grade you are? maddy I am a 9th grade soccer player. I have played soccer for 3 years of my lifetime. I have played two sports in my life but when I had a year on playing hockey but I just went crawling back to soccer. I first got inspired when I watched my dad play soccer one month before my 5th birthday. I told my mum that I wanted to become a soccer player like my dad. On my 5th birthday I got my first pair of blue and white soccer boots. My second pair of boots were red and it was like they were a good luck charm with all the games I won. The pair of boots I use now are black and a shade of yellow. Back in 2011 I stopped playing soccer and had a year on hockey and that was the only time that I have ever gotten bored of soccer. At the end of 2011 I found out that I was made to play soccer not hockey. I have won about two tournaments but I still keep trying. If I could be in any national league team then I would be in the small whites. One thing that lets me down a bit none of the teams that I have played in have won any medals so I haven't won any medals yet. 2013 was a good year of soccer for me and I hope 2014 is good too.