Tuesday, May 07, 2013

tramping info

Tramping info
This paragraph has information rules and what you need to have your home away from home.
You will need to bring certain things in your bag and in order to sleeping bags and tents will go in the bottom of the bag food in the middle of the bag and rain coats and jackets .the top of the bag bring food water first aid kit clothes compass if you have one sleeping bags and sometimes bring a survival kit make sure that you put the gear in seal-able plastic bags before you put them in your normal bag.

North South East and West
It is real important to know North South East and West.Look at the sun if it is fully risen that means that the sun is at north the sun sets at West and rises in the East or just use a compass that would be easier.

First tell someone your plan know your limit and be prepared for the weather and use star.Star means to stop think assess and respond this can be used for if you get lost in the forest.

You will need to train to get fit and wear shoes that you have broken into your shoes and wear socks that are not ankle socks or you will get blisters.

That was my report on how to survive in the bush hope you enjoyed it.
By Heith.