Monday, June 30, 2014

Goldilocks 2

main character
other character
7 dwarfs
secret cave
lost and hungry

Once upon a time Goldilocks was walking in the forest until she found a secret cave. Goldilocks decided she wanted to go inside so she ran into the cave. She found a whole cupboard full of delicious food “should I have a snack” Goldilocks said “I might just have a small meal” she said to herself.

1 hour later Goldilocks was giant and she was still shoving food in her mouth. Suddenly 7 dwarfs came into the cave. “what are you doing!” screamed the dwarfs “Just having a small meal” Goldilocks said “SMALL!, we have no more food now”.

The mouth of the cave started to collapse then all the dwarves rolled Goldilocks out of the cave. They all got out of the cave safely as they watched the cave collapse. The dwarfs kept rolling Goldilocks through the forest. The sky started to get darker as the sun set. All the dwarfs sat under the tree for shelter.

The next day the dwarfs woke up and started to roll Goldilocks down the hill.  They kept rolling her for days until one day they found a giant book. They rolled Goldilocks on to the book then suddenly she fell down into the book.

Goldilocks fell into her own story and then the three bears started to attack her. “Lets go by some food before we starve to death” said Grumpy. “OK” said all the other dwarves.

My reflection of 2014

This year my favorite thing for 2014 was the fish block art.
I think I have really improved at a lot of different things from writing to maths all because of Mrs Roil.  I learnt to make sure to try your best at everything you do.

A thing I have improved on is my writing, literacy and punctuation thanks to Mrs Roil helping me and always telling me what to improve on when I do something wrong.  Secondly I have improved on my maths and multiplication even my addition.  One last thing I have improved on is my art and my drawing.

There is one thing I would like to improve on my reading and pronouncing maori words.  2014 has been a great year so far and Mrs roil has helped me to reach my goal.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

my groups thinglink

my groups thinglink

Visual language explanation

I called my story (The Cabin) because of the cabin that they stayed in to save up money to buy the Herrick house in too many secrets.  In other words the shack.  I think that (The Cabin) is a freaky and mysterious name so that the people that read the title they will know if the book is for them or not.   This book can get a bit violent at certain times so what is the best age for this book?

This book is about a girl named (Becs), her mum (Tony), her step dad (Mark) and her step sister (Nick).  Becs dreams of going to Ascot High School but while she is staying in the cabin she found a new friend Isaiah.
While she was staying at the cabin she found out that the history of the Herrick family has too many secrets.

I made my sky black for the night sky and I put my words (The Cabin ) on the top left of the page I coloured them in cherry red with red fog around it.  Under the title there is a cliff that has the moon peering over the top of it with the light of the moon reflecting onto the cliff.  On the right side of the page there is a swirl of red smoke that is coming out of the chimney of the of the brown cabin at the bottom of the page beside the cliff.

To answer my initial question I would say the appropriate age for this book is 8 and over.  This book is for people that like mysteries and a tiny bit of thriller involved in the book they are reading.  This book is really interesting but even some parts of the story are a bit dark and violent it is still one of my all time favorites.