Wednesday, October 22, 2014

my blood story


One day in 2010 I was having a day at my friend James house, he also invited Kelvin my other friend.  We were running around the house until Kelvin said “since James didn't have a tramp we should jump on his bed”.  Unfortunately, with how dumb we were at that age we agreed with him.  A short two minutes later, we were trying to touch the roof.

Suddenly, Kelvin fell and smashed into my leg, I tripped over then fell of the bed BAM SPLAT!!.  My head felt sleepy James told me that my head was bleeding at first I thought he was joking until I put my hand on my head and took a look at it.  AAAAHH! I scream and start cry.  James runs through the hallway and gets his Mum to call my Mum.

My Mum gets to James house and runs inside to take me to the doctors.
She carries me outside and lays me down in the back of the car.
Mum drives as fast as she can to the doctors but it felt like it took ages.
I thought that I might need stitches and have an ugly scar for the rest of my life.  luckily I did not need stitches I just needed some doctors glue to hold the hole in my forehead shut while it healed  and it didn’t leave a scar.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lychell Adams

“Honey, can you please vacuum the hallway!” As soon as I hear this I know that my Mum is laying down on the couch watching videos on facebook.  Who is the worlds most kind person Chel Adams is an easy answer.  With her sometimes cunning attitude she s able to trick people into cleaning the dishes and vacuuming the hallway for her.

Every time I annoy her, she tells me to stop it nicely which should be enough so get someone to stop but if I don’t she takes one big breath and slowly counts to three but there is a good side too.  Every time that my family is having a family trip you can be sure that she will change the radio onto some old songs and automatically starts to sing at full volume.

“Where is the flour!” mum erupts in anger as she runs through the kitchen looking for the flour, I look under the shelf and pass her the bag of flour.  She is always working, at home cleaning the house or at the cafe making coffee.  Although she sometimes growls, I know that she still cares about me and she is just trying to teach me about life.

As soon as you walk into my house you can automatically see who her best friend is,  Mum and my cat Cooper are cuddling on the couch.  With her handbag beside her she is off at another day at the cafe.  Even though she is going to see me soon, I’m sure she misses me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

Swoosh my kite dives down at 100 miles an hour but I manage to keep it up.  PING! the thin plastic pipe in the kite flew off the main body the kite and dived into the tree.  I gave the string a big tug and CRASH! the kite landed nose first into the long green grass.

I found out that the reason it crashed was because I didn't put the pipe in the holders enough which caused the wind to flick it of of the main part of the kite.  The name of my kite is (Bite) and that is a real type of kite.  The kite is a one and a half meters wide and half a meter tall so the size lets the kite fly real high if you know how to fly it good enough.

I was having a day at my grandma’s farm with My sister and My grandma.  We only came to the farm so we could feed all the animals at the farm but there was a lot of space so I decided to bring the kite with me.  The farm is an annoying 15 minute drive out of town going up hills, around hills and over pukeko.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How clouds are created

Have you ever wondered how clouds are created?
There is a theory that a man who is 2014 years old makes the clouds.  Jack lives in a huge house and to add to that he lives in the middle of nowhere.  

Clouds are actually just huge amounts of smoke that comes out of Jacks  two hundred chimneys. Instead of having one fireplace per chimney Jack only has one hundred fireplaces so he made one fireplace for every two chimneys.  To start making the clouds It takes one hour to get all the fireplaces working.

The biggest wonder of the world is how are the shapes in the clouds made.  Jack puts fly traps around his house and he catches and trains all the flies .  Jack trains the flies to eat parts of the clouds and create shapes in the clouds like animals or cars.  That means that the flies are basically carving the clouds into shapes.

If the sky is grey and full of clouds then that means Jacks house is on fire.  That happens a lot at his house because all the fire places he has can lead to disaster.  If there are no clouds then it means that Jack is just having time off.

The End

Monday, June 30, 2014

Goldilocks 2

main character
other character
7 dwarfs
secret cave
lost and hungry

Once upon a time Goldilocks was walking in the forest until she found a secret cave. Goldilocks decided she wanted to go inside so she ran into the cave. She found a whole cupboard full of delicious food “should I have a snack” Goldilocks said “I might just have a small meal” she said to herself.

1 hour later Goldilocks was giant and she was still shoving food in her mouth. Suddenly 7 dwarfs came into the cave. “what are you doing!” screamed the dwarfs “Just having a small meal” Goldilocks said “SMALL!, we have no more food now”.

The mouth of the cave started to collapse then all the dwarves rolled Goldilocks out of the cave. They all got out of the cave safely as they watched the cave collapse. The dwarfs kept rolling Goldilocks through the forest. The sky started to get darker as the sun set. All the dwarfs sat under the tree for shelter.

The next day the dwarfs woke up and started to roll Goldilocks down the hill.  They kept rolling her for days until one day they found a giant book. They rolled Goldilocks on to the book then suddenly she fell down into the book.

Goldilocks fell into her own story and then the three bears started to attack her. “Lets go by some food before we starve to death” said Grumpy. “OK” said all the other dwarves.