Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How clouds are created

Have you ever wondered how clouds are created?
There is a theory that a man who is 2014 years old makes the clouds.  Jack lives in a huge house and to add to that he lives in the middle of nowhere.  

Clouds are actually just huge amounts of smoke that comes out of Jacks  two hundred chimneys. Instead of having one fireplace per chimney Jack only has one hundred fireplaces so he made one fireplace for every two chimneys.  To start making the clouds It takes one hour to get all the fireplaces working.

The biggest wonder of the world is how are the shapes in the clouds made.  Jack puts fly traps around his house and he catches and trains all the flies .  Jack trains the flies to eat parts of the clouds and create shapes in the clouds like animals or cars.  That means that the flies are basically carving the clouds into shapes.

If the sky is grey and full of clouds then that means Jacks house is on fire.  That happens a lot at his house because all the fire places he has can lead to disaster.  If there are no clouds then it means that Jack is just having time off.

The End

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