Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was a famous explorer and navigator. He was famous for exploring the sea and he gave the Hudson river its name by being the first person to explore it.

Henry Hudson repeatedly tried to make a route from Europe to Asia. He never accomplished his goal but he did name a few places on his honor. He was born in 1565 in United kingdom  England and lived in London. Not a lot of people know when he left home in died in 1611 or 1612 at the age of either 46 or 47 pretty young age to die isn't it but nobody knows where he died.

After getting married to a girl named Katherine while also having three sons named (John), (Richard) and (Oliver) did you know that Henry's son John went with him on all four of his trips . Henry Hudson mysteriously died in 1611 or 1612. After setting voyage across the sea’s of Northern Canada. Not even the smartest scientist in the world knows if he was lost or stranded with a year supply of food in his ship or hit an iceberg then died dramatically (just like the titanic).

Henry named his boat’s (Discovery) that was his first boat, (Hopewell) that was his second boat and (Half moon) that was his last boat. Henry Hudson was known for a lot of things I Don't think his two remaining sons will forget him. I said two because his oldest son went with him when he got lost or whatever happened at the end of his journey.

Henry Hudson was a famous Explorer and Navigator. He named the Hudson Bay, the Hudson River and a lot of other places.